If you’re searching for the best CBD oil, you just found it. Actually, you found dozens of them. That’s exactly what this entire article is about.

Now, the best CBD oil for each individual would differ. It would depend on your budget, goal, biological features, country of residence and many other aspects.

Hence, no one CBD oil can be the best for everyone. So, we compiled a list of the best CBD oil companies out there. These companies sell the best CBD oil in terms of “quality of product”.

You can pick your choice of CBD oil from any of these companies.

Now, why should you trust this list? Well, because, we paid attention to the following factors when picking these best CBD oil manufacturers:

  • Third-party tests: We checked if a company is audited by independent third-party labs. If so, we also validated the authenticity of these labs to an extent.
  • Farming source: We validated the source of these companies. You’ll know exactly where each of these companies get their hemp from (it’s U.S in almost all the cases.)
  • Farming practices: Just being in the U.S isn’t enough, is it? We also checked if a company follows proper guidelines, safety precautions, and if it’s organic, vegan, gluten-free.
  • Shipping policies: You may or may not live in the U.S. We’ve included the shipping policies for each of these companies so you know which of those ship to your state/country.
  • Refund policy: Each CBD oil company has its own refund policy. We went through the fine-print to make sure you don’t get duped and have a clear idea of the acceptable return scenarios.

Obviously, we’ve also included a number of different aspects for some companies such as CBD oil discount codes, carrier oils used etc.

1st CBDistillery2nd cbdMD3rd HempLand USA

Point being, if you need the best CBD oil companies, you’ll just found them! If you’re absolutely new to CBD, do read the “next steps” section at the bottom of this guide, they’ll help you with the selection and purchase of your oil.

Website: https://www.thecbdistillery.com/

If you need CBD oils, softgels, gummies, topical or powders, CBDistillery can provide them to you.

There are various reasons why it’s one of the best CBD oil companies. For starters, all of its products are third-party verified. The lab carrying out these tests is the ACS lab. It too is ISO accredited. It’s also CGMP compliant.

Some of its hemp is indeed sourced from other non-U.S farms. However, those aren’t sold on the website.

The hemp is sourced from Colorado, completely based out of U.S, desirable, eh? Additionally, it to uses MCT oil which is another perk for you as a buyer.

It uses both Ethanol and CO2 for extraction depending on the type of CBD oil being manufactured.

The refund policy extends for a very acceptable 60-day period. There’s even a very fast live-chat which is available 24X7.

You can head over to our CBDistillery review for a very detailed review of the company, its practices, policies and products.

Website: https://www.cbdmd.com

As far as product-stock goes, cbdMD sells everything including bath bombs, capsules, gummies, tinctures, oils etc.

It’s definitely certified and tested by a third-party lab, SC Labs to be specific. If it wasn’t ISO-certified we wouldn’t mention the company here, so, yes it is ISO-accredited.

The hemp-source as is expected is U.S. No other source for off-website, physical stores or any other medium of sale is mentioned. This means, 100% of its hemp is U.S-sourced.

As far as extraction goes, the company uses the desirable CO2 extraction. The refund policy covers an extended 60-day period.

If you go through our review of cbdMD, you’d notice we loved its “beginner & newbie friendly” interface (read the review for details.)

A live-chat too is available if you’ve got doubts and are new to the whole CBD buying thing.

Website: https://www.hemplandusa.com/

HempLand USA has a large stock of Full Spectrum CBD oils. Obviously, other types of CBD oils in different forms (softgels, gummies, topical etc.) are available as well.

The company markets itself heavily on its U.S-sourced hemp. In an effort to do the same, it also has shared the exact farm locations. The hemp for HempLand USA comes from farms in California and Colorado.

It also boasts itself on “organic” methods of farming. In simpler terms, this means no pesticides or foreign “boosters” in its crops.

As far as extraction goes, it uses CO2 for that, which as we know is the best and cleanest extraction we can hope for.

Obviously third-party tests are available for all products. It primarily uses SC Labs or Belcosta for the tests, both of which are renowned companies in the industry.

It’s the best CBD oil company for you especially if you’re a non-U.S resident. Most CBD companies do not ship internationally, HempLand USA does. It also ships to all 50 U.S states without any exceptions.

Another reason why it’s one of the best companies for CBD oil? It offers the very rare “Lifetime return policy”.  Also, if you’re a veteran, you’re eligible for a 15% discount off all products!


Website:  https://halfdaycbd.com/

HalfDay CBD sells everything including oils, flowers, topical, gummies etc. You can even purchase products depending on your “purpose”; e.g. focus, relieve, extra strength, gift bundles etc.

Third-party verified lab test results are included for all its products. These tests are conducted by “Premium CBD Labs”, an ISO test accredited lab.

The products are grown within America which is considered the best hemp-source on the planet. Illinois is the exact farm location. The manufacturing facility too is claimed to be FDA certified.

It also uses MCT oil for extraction which is rare and desirable for the best quality of CBD output.

There’s no live-chat on the website though. You can either buy a product one-time, or, subscribe to a recurring subscription which is auto-dispatched.

There’s a 30-day refund period within which the product can either be returned or refunded.

Website: https://www.cbdplaza.com/

cbdPlaza has developed its own grade-system for CBD. It identifies and grades its CBDs and the cleanest, safest and best CBD oil products are labelled “naturopathic”. Shows the company’s seriousness towards quality.

It too is newbie-friendly owing to its filter based on brand, trial sizes, “naturopathic” etc. It even has a dosage calculator which helps you find the correct dosage for yourself.

It does provide the certificate of analysis from third-party labs. All available products are tested independently by different labs. Some of those labs include names like Green scientific labs, Botanocor, iLab etc.

All of the hemp is U.S-sourced. It has a “returns accepted for any reason” policy which is valid for 30 days. It ships nationally in the U.S except for Iowa, Idaho and South Dakota.

It isn’t that adamant on using MCT oil, as a result, often other carrier oils such as Olive oils are used for the CBD.

Website: https://maxcbdwellness.com/

MaxCBD Wellness primarily sells CBD oils, capsules and creams. It has its farms in Oregon and all of the hemp is obtained from there. However, they’ve also provided their manufacturing plant details which are based in Colorado.

The products are organic and without any additional toxins or pesticides. The carrier oil is almost always MCT further making it desirable.

Obviously, the products are third-party tested. Altitude Testing is a lab that’s often used for these tests which too is based out of Colorado and is ISO accredited.

It again is one of those very rare CBD companies which ship to non-U.S countries. The screenshot below covers all the countries it currently ships to:

It does accept return on opened and used products if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase. In fact, it even accepts “empty bottle returns”, pretty awesome, eh?  The return window is open for 30-days.

Website: https://wellicy.com/

Wellicy is a company which sells its own products, but, also products from third-party manufacturers.

All three major CBD oil types (Full spectrum, Broad spectrum and Isolates) are available for purchase. Shipping is available for all 50 U.S states as well. There’s also a live-chat which will help with a smooth purchase.

We did see it use MCT oil for its full spectrum oil which is desirable. Do note that it also uses vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol depending on the CBD oil that’s being manufactured.

All the products are third-party tested. We found Botanacor Laboratories were used for almost all the tests which is pretty good.

The refund policy is pretty disappointing though. They only have a 15-day return window and only on unopened products.

Website: https://www.diamondcbd.com/

Hey, it may not be a deal-maker but we’ll say it either way. Diamond CBD is arguably “the” most professional-looking websites out there.

Why is it one of the best CBD oil companies? For starters, it only uses U.S-grown hemp. Then, it uses CO2 extraction. It’s more expensive for the company, but offers the purest and cleanest form of CBD.

In addition to CBD oil, you can also purchase bath bombs, edibles, creams, capsules, drinks, smokeables and other CBD products from Diamond CBD.

Needless to say, third-party tests are available for all products. Green Scientific Labs and Hemp Test Labs are two of the third-party labs used for the tests.

The only disappointment is its refund-policy. While it covers a 30-day period, it only covers unopened products. The products are shipped to any and all of the 50 U.S states.

Website: https://funkyfarms.com/

Funky Farms is a subsidiary or project of Arise Bioscience. In addition to CBD oils, it also sells gummies, caps, cartridges etc.

The products are tested by the third-party “Green Scientific Labs”. Do note that at times some reports may not open in your browser and you may need to manually download these reports for verification.

As far as hemp-source goes, it all comes from a farm in North Oregon. MCT fractioned coconut oil is a common carrier oil for majority of its oils.

There is a live-chat, however, it isn’t exactly ‘live’ or instant and the replies do need a few hours. Also, as compared to some of the other best CBD oil companies mentioned here, the website isn’t very “informative”. So, you need to do your research before making purchases.

It offers impressive discounts for military personnel, responders, teachers and even students! A 30-day return policy does exist but it’s only for unused products.

Website: https://penguincbd.com/

Penguin CBD grows all of its hemp in America. Need specifics? Well, Oregon is exactly where its farms are located. The company also claims not using pesticides in its farms.

Third-party tests are done by Infinite Chemical labs as far as CBD oil tests go. It doesn’t seem to ship internationally and hence you can use the company as long as you’re based in the U.S.

Do note that it only sells broad spectrum CBD, hence they all contain 0.00% THC.

The extraction is carried out using CO2, if you’ve been through on this best CBD oil piece, you’d know by now that it’s our favourite extraction mode.

The refund policy covers “any reason”, and that includes you being unsatisfied. So, yes, you can return opened and used products. It’s valid for 30 days.

Website: https://cbdtru.com/

CBD.TRU says all its products are organic, non GMO, compliant with GMP practices, gluten and sugar-free and vegan. All of these are desirable CBD oil features we all seek, aren’t they?

The products are tested by C4 laboratories. The lab isn’t very popular for unknown reasons, however, it totally is ISO accredited.

The source of the hemp is claimed to be U.S.A. Alike quite a few other CBD manufacturers, the exact location isn’t mentioned.

Again, CBD.TRU is at the lower end of this list for two reasons. There’s no live-chat, and, the website isn’t very informative. So, if you don’t know what you need or suits you best, you should try sticking to some of the earlier options.

The company does offer a 30-day moneyback guarantee, however, the exact terms are a bit unclear.

Website: https://www.43cbd.com/

If you wish to purchase full-spectrum or THC-free CBD oils, 43CBD is a potential option you can go for. However, if you need Isolates specifically, you should try one of the other options we’ve mentioned so far.

It gets its hemp from Colorado, U.S.  It claims of not using any pesticides or heavy metals in its products as well. The company is pretty transparent with its extraction or manufacturing process.

Also, instead of CO2 extraction, it prefers using Ethanol citing “diluation” that may be involved with CO2.

As far as third-party tests go, all of its products are tested by a single lab- Aurum Labs, which obviously is an ISO accredited facility.

The company doesn’t ship internationally, however, all 50 U.S states are covered.

There’s a 30-day refund policy on all products but it doesn’t cover the “satisfaction”. Meaning, the refund is issued in case of wrong or damaged products. However, if you aren’t satisfied, instead of a refund they offer “credits” which can be used for your next purchases.

Its discount-list is impressive. Everyone including military personnel, veterans, police, responders, people with disability, healthcare workers and even low-income individuals are eligible for discounts.

Website: https://www.verolabs.com/

We love when a company lets buyers choose their “purpose”, well, Vero Labs does. You get to choose from the best CBD for pain relief, sleep, stress, beauty, immunity etc.

The exact farm location isn’t mentioned, however, it only uses hemp farmed in the U.S.

You may have a different opinion, but, we like CO2 extraction and that’s what Vero Labs uses. The whole deal of non-GMO, 0 pesticides and solvents too is true for all its products.

Due to its lower product-stock, a single PDF file lets you go through all the third-party tests, conducted by ACS labs (ISO accredited).

There’s a 30-day refund or exchange policy which also covers used products returned due to unsatisfactory results.

It ships within the U.S, with the only exceptions being Idaho, Nebraska and South Decota. There’s no live-chat available which may be a bummer for some of you here.

Website: https://zuntree.com/

Zuntree isn’t a company which only deals in CBD-products. However, it does have a stock of CBD oils and that is why it’s on this list.

So far, only 2 CBD oil products were found listed. Both of which are claimed to be derived from U.S grown hemp. Obviously, other CBD products such as gummies, oils for pets and other items are still available.

Third-party test results are available for each product. The testing lab used is “Twin Arbor Analytical” which is ISO-certified. The products are marketed as containing 0.00% THC which makes them broad spectrum CBD oils.

It does ship internationally and isn’t just limited to U.S states. Also offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, hence, if you’re not satisfied they refund the full amount.

MCT oil is the carrier oil used for the tinctures available on Zuntree. The products are non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, and keto-friendly. No live chat feature is available on the website.

Website: https://www.newenglandhempfarm.com/

As the name suggests, the company has a preference for New England farmers. As a result, it mentions using hemp cultivated by New England farmers whenever possible. Even when the hemp comes from  other regions, it only comes from the U.S.

Green Scientific Labs is the lab used for its third-party tests. The website does showcase a GMP seal, U.S Hemp-authority (not a govt. body) seal, and a seal validating its natural farming practices.

The 30-day refund policy is a bit disappointing as they only accept returns for “unopened products”. That’s one of the primary reasons why we mentioned the company lower on this list of the best CBD oil companies.

Also, MCT oil isn’t very common here. Rather, Sunflower oil and other carrier oils are preferred over MCT.

The website does have a “Live-chat” feature. However, upon verification, we found it wasn’t instant or live. Rather, you need to leave your E-mail ID for a later response.

  • Grassroots Harvest

Website: https://grassrootsharvest.com/

The company is known for its extremely low THC content, which often tests <0.19% for most of its products.

While it may not be true for all products, MCT oil based products are totally available with the company. The hemp is always sourced only from the United States.

They only ship within the U.S. Also, refunds are only provided on unopened products. The refund process too isn’t very smooth, there’s “authorization” involved which basically takes quite a bit of time.

Botanacor labs are used for independently testing most of its CBD products. The live-chat feature does exist, it’s just not available 24X7 or on certain days.

Capsules, gummies, topical, and custom flavoured CBD products too are available for purchase.

  • Deep CBDs

Website: https://www.deepcbds.com/

Deep CBDs is a member of Hemp Industries Association, NIHC and CBD Industry Association. All of these are non-govt. bodies (despite sounding official) yet they do establish a bit of trust.

More importantly, all the products are subjected to third-party tests and the results transparently displayed on the website. Green Scientific Labs once again is the lab being used for these tests in most cases.

Topicals, Softgels, gummies and pet products too are available in addition to CBD oil. MCT oil  however wasn’t found with majority of the products.

It only ships within the U.S with Alaska and Hawaii being the exceptions. There’s a 30-day moneyback guarantee however it’s for unopened products only.

Shipping is free for $75.00+ orders, for orders which cost less than that there’s a $7.00 shipping fee. The hemp-source is U.S and it does use CO2 extraction.

  • Biofit360

Website: https://www.biofit360.com/

Biofit 360 sells THC-containing (within the legal limit) as well as 0-THC CBD oils. It’s also a brand endorsed by Dawn Harper which even though may be a paid sponsorship, still amounts to something.

It uses CO2 extraction for its farm to bottle transformations. Furthermore, MCT oil bases are used if and when possible. The products are claimed to be non-GMO, vegan and organic.

While the products are tested by third-party labs, one of the labs- “Certus Analytics” doesn’t seem to be functional anymore. However, we did find newer tests from SDPharmLabs which is nearly 9 years old and is ISO accredited.

There’s a 30-day refund policy which covers both opened as well as unopened products.

  • Strainz

Website: https://strainz.com/

Strainz has a number of seals on its website establishing its non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and organic products. Both Full spectrum and Broad spectrum products are available for purchase.

The hemp is grown in the U.S. The products are tested by third-parties, namely, Greenhouse Growing System which is ISO certified.

It ships to all the U.S states though not internationally. The 30-day refund policy covers “satisfaction”, meaning, opened and used products too are accepted.

  • NutraMoon

Website: https://nutramoon.com

NutraMoon is an organic CBD company which gets its hemp from farms in Colorado. They do not sell isolates rather only whole plant extracts are available for purchase.

Third-party tests are conducted by Gel Laboratories.  When it comes to extraction, it uses CO2 extraction, the most desirable of all.

There’s a 30-day moneyback guarantee. It does cover “satisfaction” and unsatisfied customers are eligible for a full refund.

They ship only to the USA. The company also uses MCT oil as its carrier base. Apart from the CBD oils for humans, it also sells topicals and oils for pet.

Next steps…

If you’ve come this far, you probably have your best CBD oil company by now.

But, maybe you’re confused? Each of these companies have dozens of products. To help with that, we did a complete guide on how to choose the best CBD oil.  The guide will tell you which CBD oil will suit your body best.

Once you’ve found the exact product you need, you may go through this piece on how to buy CBD oils online.

In a nutshell? We’ve got you covered!


This article isn’t to be used as medical advise. Also, we haven’t verified all the statements made by these companies. Hence, the tests, THC content, purity, and all other statements mentioned in this article are ‘as is’ depending on what the websites claims.

It’s not our purpose to promote or degrade any company’s repute. This article is based purely on our own opinions, experiences and understanding. If and when an incorrect statement is found, do contact us at [email protected] for corrections.