This CBDistillery review will answer most, if not all the questions you may have about CBDistillery.

When you’re searching for a trustworthy CBD brand, the checklist is almost always the same, isn’t it? So, here’s what we’re answering:

We do believe this will help you make informed decisions regarding the company, right? Let’s get started.

CBDistillery overview

Consider this an overview of this CBDistillery review. Here’s a sneak-peek or all the primary aspects of the company, all of which are discussed in utmost detail in the later sections:

  • Website:
  • Third-party audited: Yes, ACS labs.
  • THC: <0.3%.
  • Extraction mode: CO2 and Ethanol
  • GMP-compliant: Yes
  • Moneyback policy: 60 days
  • Shipments: Only U.S.
  • Hemp-source: Colorado.

Let’s see if it’s for you (or, maybe not)?

1. Is CBDistillery tested by third-party labs?

As always, the first thing we look for is third-party tests, right? If you’re new, know that third-party tests are the best and most legitimate ways of judging a CBD brand.

First, a company should get itself tested by third-parties. Second, it should publish those third-party test results publicly.

CBDistillery does exactly that. You as a buyer can verify all lab test results on the product pages. These are uploaded as a product-screenshot.

These test results tell you how pure the product is and what’s the amount of CBD in the product. It also checks for the presence of other elements, when found, their amount/concentration too is mentioned.

All in all, you wouldn’t have to trust the company’s word (or label) blindly.

Moreover, CBDistillery also makes it possible to verify product post-purchase.  Products have a QR code which can be scanned, this shows the test results for the product.

Now, are these reports trustworthy? Yes. CBDistillery gets these tests done by ACS Labs. It’s a ISO17025 accredited Lab so yeah, the results are pretty trustworthy.

The lab also claims to be the “most trusted” hemp laboratory in the USA. This claim however is debatable.

Do note that some products may be tested by other labs. However, you can always ascertain a lab’s creditability using a simple Google search.

2. Where does CBDistillery source its CBD from?

We’re not sure how you pick your CBD, but we check a brand’s hemp-source after its third-party tests.

Again, new to this? Well, the hemp-source matters because, simply put, U.S-grown hemp is generally considered the best.

Best as in, it has better oversight. You can’t be sure how the hemp was grown in some other country whose laws aren’t as clear, right?

Fortunately, all products purchased from the CBDistillery official website are sourced from its farms in Colorado. Do note that not many companies provide the exact location of their hemp-source, CBDistillery does (this is as close as we get to “exact” anyway).

The company contracted 900 acres of land in Colorado for this exact purpose. Not just that, the farm is even approved by Colorado department of Public health and & Environment. This tells us that the farm is operated under favourable and desirable conditions.

Obviously, as is expected, the hemp is non-GMO. Again, if you’re new, that means the CBD doesn’t contain any external modifications or pesticides.

Surprisingly, CBDistillery also accepts sourcing its hemp from other international farms. However, these are reserved for some other buyers and aren’t used for “on-site” purchases.

3. What extraction methods does CBDistillery use?

The extraction mode defines the purity of the product. Generally, more expensive methods result in cleaner products than the cheaper modes.

CBDistillery uses two modes of extraction. It uses “ethanol” extraction for isolates. The company claims this results in a 99% pure CBD. The entire process obviously includes decarboxylation (heating up) > winterization (cooling) > distillation > isolation and only then is the CBD obtained.

However, when it comes to full-spectrum oils, those are extracted using CO2. This is pretty desirable even though it doesn’t consist of winterization or distillation. It’s one of the best CBD extraction modes known to man.

Here’s an infographic explaining the same:

(Infographic sources:

And, finally, the broad-spectrum products (pay attention here, this isn’t information you’ll find on many CBDistillery reviews) are made THC-free using chromatography.

What this means for you? You’re getting the best possible products, extracted via the best possible methods ,period. Also, you’ll get your “type” of CBD on CBDistillery and it isn’t limited to any one type exclusively.

4, Does CBDistillery have any other certifications which help boost trust?

Now, you’re on this CBDistillery review because you wish to know if you can trust the company, right?

Well, it does seem to have a few more points which helps establish trust.

For starters, it’s CGMP compliant. CGMP stands for Current Good Manufacturing Practices.

It’s the FDA-standard for the overall production of a product, and that includes manufacturing, storage, strength, purity and everything else in between.

Hey, if the FDA says these drugs were produced right, that’s a trust-booster, isn’t it?

Then, it’s also certified by the U.S Hemp Authority. This certificate too is offered to those who comply to best farming, manufacturing and labelling procedures.

CBDistillery also is a U.S Hemp roundtable member. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of them before. This was our first time as well.

It’s basically a group of hemp-companies which ensure their products are produced the best way possible. If you go to their about page, you can see CBDistillery mentioned there.

And finally, it also is a member of the National Hemp Association. It’s an NGO aimed towards a better hemp-world.

Now, these last three certifications certainly aren’t as important a metric as CGMP, however, they still aren’t something all the companies just receive out of the blue. These need to be earned as well.

5. How much THC do CBDistillery products contain?

Some of you may want a higher THC content, others not so much. Fortunately, as already discussed on this CBDistiller review, the company offers all the major types of CBD.

So, you can go with its full-spectrum products if you need THC below <0.3%. Or, if you’d stay 100% clean, simply go with the Isolates.

On the other hand, if you need the maximum potency and yet none of the THC, CBDistillery broad-spectrum should be your choice.

6. Does CBDistillery use MCT oil?

If you’re asking that, you know your CBD. If you’ve never heard what that is, we’ll explain it to you.

So, if you take CBD made without a proper carrying oil, you’ll only receive a fraction of its benefits. That’s because our bodies can’t absorb CBD very well on their own.

Now, fractioned coconut oil (MTC oil) is the best form of carrying oil that’s currently known to man. Sure, there are butter, olive oil, palm oil and many other possible alternatives. However, none of these work as good as MCT.

Fortunately, CBDistillery does use MCT oil for its products. If you check the “ingredients” label, you’ll find they don’t contain anything else except the hemp extract and MCT.

In simpler terms, MCT makes the CBD more effective.

7. Does CBDistillery ship worldwide?

Alike most other best CBD brands, CBDistillery too doesn’t ship globally. It only ships within the U.S

We did confirm its ability to ship to Hawaii and non-continental U.S territories as well. Basically, all 50 U.S states are shipped to However, it’s still only domestic.

8. Is there a refund policy?

Yes, CBDistillery does have a very generous 60-day refund policy. And, it’s quite unique as well. Do note that refunds are only accepted for items purchased on their website. (Or, via the link below).

[CBDistillery buy now link]

So, if you haven’t opened a product, it can be returned within 7 days. The company seems to understand that you can’t choose a CBD product just like that. There’s trial and error involved.

So, it lets you try “one of each product” (gummies, tinctures, topical, powders etc.), if you aren’t satisfied, they offer a refund within 60days.

The 60-day moneyback is valid on “first-time” purchases of products. Meaning, the same product can’t be bought multiple times with the refund-guarantee.

9. How good/bad is CBDistillery support?

It’s one of the most impressive aspects we can mention on this CBDistillery review. They’ve got a live-chat, and, the response-time never exceeds 5 seconds at best, literally.

Moreover, the team is very friendly. They do not sound “robotic” and are truly available 24X7.

There’s also an e-mail ID- [email protected], this too can be used to contact CBDistillery support.

All in all, whatever be your question, whatever time of day (or night) it is, their support would help you out, period.

10. Are there any CBDistillery discount coupon codes?

Before we sum this CBDistillery review up, how about we save you some money, eh?

CBDistillery offers a 10% lifetime, unlimited discount to veterans. These can be availed by E-mailing the team your identification which proves you’re a veteran.

Being honest, this isn’t the maximum discount we’ve seen. Some other brands do offer bigger discounts. But, hey, the fact that there’s a discount at all to begin with is impressive, right?

Final verdict – Should you buy CBD from CBDistillery?

If you need a wide range of products, grown under GMP practices, tested and certified by third-party labs; CBDdistillery is totally worth a try.

We say that because you’ve got nothing to lose. Worst case scenario? You don’t like the product and avail the 60-day refund.

The fact that all three types of CBD products are available make it a brand for everyone. Even the extraction methods are top of the world.

Do note that we’ve seen people complain of the colour and taste. But hey, those are personal choices, aren’t they?

All in all, for this CBDistilllery review, we’d rate it a 4.5/5.