This cbdMD review will tell you everything you need to know about the CBD manufacturer. Are you new to CBD? Or, maybe you’re using it for a long time now?

Either way, if you need a new CBD source, or just need to know the good and the bad of cbdMD, this piece is for you.

We’ll be answering the following questions throughout this cbdMD review:

What is cbdMD?

Before we get going with this cbdMD review, a brief introduction can’t hurt, can it?

So, cbdMD is (supposedly) one of the most well-established, trustworthy and transparent CBD manufacturers on the planet.

It sells CBD in every form, shape and size possible, including capsules, bath bombs, tinctures, gummies, topical and everything in between.

Here’s an overview of the company:

    • Website:
    • Third-party audited: Yes
    • THC: None
    • Extraction mode: CO2
    • GMP-compliant: Yes
    • Moneyback policy: 60 days
    • Shipments: Only U.S.
    • Hemp-source: U.S.

Will this cbdMD review be worth your time? Well, the company did win “Product of the Year”, on not just one but 2 products!

So, it can’t be a complete waste of time now, right? Let’s get started then.

Is cbdMD audited by third-party labs?

The first and foremost “authenticity-metric” to look for? Third-party tests.  Doesn’t matter if you’re researching an individual CBD product, or an entire company. These tests spill quite a few secrets.

You don’t even have to trust or be limited by this cbdMD review, or, any of the other cbdMD reviews. Using these tests, you can audit a product and company by yourself!

So, cbdMD has a dual-test process. Meaning, first, they test their own products, every step of the way. The harvest, the processing and the output. Obviously, these may be a bit biased. (Who wouldn’t love their own product, right?)

And then, the products are sent to a third-party, independent lab for tests. These are the tests we really care about. Why? First, these third parties are “independent”. That’s kind of the whole point, right?

Being independent, these tests aren’t biased or “pro-cbdMD”. They’re just honest is what they are.

Now, we truly intend to make this cbdMD review as honest and authentic as possible. So, just getting “tested” doesn’t mean a company is trustworthy or of quality. “Which” company tested the product matters as well.

Most of cbdMD products seem to be tested by “SC Labs”.

We verified, it indeed is a ISO certified lab. This means the tests are legit and can be trusted. (Always make sure  that the lab which tested a CBD product is ISO certified.)

The company is pretty transparent with its reports.  You can check the lab results for each individual product on the product-page. You can even download or print these reports.

So, all in all, we’re off to a good start. Any company without these third-party lab tests isn’t really worth your time anyway.

Where does cbdMD source its CBD from?

After a lab test, the second metric we look for? The source of the CBD. By source,  we mean the source of the “harvest” (hemp plant).

Now, most trustworthy or established CBD manufacturers source their hemp from the U.S. That’s the desirable yardstick for hemp-source.

Hemp grown in the U.S is generally of a better quality. This is because of the U.S laws which require certain rules to be followed for hemp-cultivation.

This makes sure the hemp used by cbdMD isn’t synthetic or of a lower quality. It also tells us that it isn’t illegally (or, less-legally) obtained.

The products are also non-GMO. In simpler terms, it’s just safer and better. (What’s that? We recently did a piece on How to buy CBD oils online, with a detailed section on GMO. Check that out maybe?)

cbdMD doesn’t mention the exact location of its hemp-farms (most companies don’t either). That may be due security or any other reason. It being in the U.S is what’s of importance.

Again, in a nutshell, the company is a 5/5 as far as hemp-source, or its transparency in general goes.

How much THC do cbdMD products contain?

THC is the big bold elephant in the room, isn’t it?   You definitely know what THC is, else, you wouldn’t have read this far on this cbdMD review.

Now, <0.3% THC is what’s legally allowed, right? Or, more than that if you’re in a Marijuana-legal U.S state.

But, how does “THC-free” sound? Pretty intriguing, doesn’t it? cbdMD claims most of its products are THC-free. Obviously, that doesn’t mean that the product will contain 0% THC.

But, what it means is that the “undetectable levels” of THC. The same is also confirmed in one of its reports.

Obviously, this would differ for each product. But, THC-free is generally the claim cbdMD stands by.

This also means that you wouldn’t generally test positive on a drug test after using cbdMD products.

Which extraction modes does cbdMD use?

cbdMD uses C02 extraction for its products. Why should you care? We get it, you’re not into boring, technical (or, chemical in this case) details.  But, because you’re on this cbdMD review, it’s vital you should know why that matters.

So, CO2 extraction is arguably the best mode of CBD extraction. It offers the purest, least-contaminated forms of CBD.  Because CO2 is non-toxic and is natural, whatever is left after an extraction is fit for consumption.

Sure, it has its downsides (e.g. lesser output). But, that’s only for the companies. As far as you as a customer are concerned, it’s the best you can hope for.

Do note that there are cheaper, and even free methods of CBD extraction. You can refer to our CBD guide, we’ve discussed how you can make CBD oils at home.

Which  type of CBD does cbdMD sell?

Again, you wouldn’t be on this cbdMD review if you didn’t know the three primary CBD types, right? Let me jog up your memory? Well yes, we’re talking of the Full-spectrum, Broad-spectrum and Isolates.

So, cbdMD products are primarily broad-spectrum. And, as we’ve always said, this is just full-spectrum minus THC.

In other words, it contains all the other cannabinoids that the plant comes with (e.g. CBG, CBN etc.), just not THC. This also is a reason why it can offer “undetectable” levels of THC in its products.

Should you use broad-spectrum? Or, is it isolates your body requires? Maybe full-spectrum will solve your problems better? We’ve answered  all of that in our guide on how to choose CBD.

Is cbdMD GMP compliant?

Yes, according to this report from BuisinessWire, and claims made by cbdMD on its own site, it’s now officially GMP compliant.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about GMP, well, it’s an audit, or, “standard” of how products are manufactured, stored, processed or even tested.

It obtained the NSF GMP registration back in April 2020. Now, this certification is important for this cbdMD review.

The GMP certification isn’t very easy to get. Hence, that adds all the more trust and legitimacy to cbdMD as a brand. And, not many cbdMD competitors are certified so far.

Which carrier oil base does cbdMD use?

You look at any of the cbdMD products, and you’d likely see “MCT” mentioned. What on earth is that? And, why should you care? Two very common questions a lot of you on this cbdMD review must be asking.

Well, CBD isn’t very “human-friendly” when it’s first extracted off a plant. Unless, you like pushing down hard, crystallized CBD down your throat.

Moreover, our bodies can’t really interact with the CBD to its full potential (it’s actually reduced by around 3x) either if you administer it like that.

That’s where a carrier oil base comes to the rescue. CBD dissolves better with oil, than it does with water (it’s a rebel, yeah).

So, cbdMD uses pure MCT oil; or, Fractionated Coconut Oil if we’ve to be specific as the CBD oil base.

Simpler version? Coconut oil helps our bodies absorb CBD better. But, it’s also rare and more expensive. This is why not many companies use it.

Now, there are other base oils but they offer a lower potency and overall quality. This is a factor which offers cbdMD an edge over its competitors.

Is cbdMD suited for first-timers?

A rather “untraditional” or unprecedented section, I get it. But, cbdMD has this feature which we just couldn’t skip over.

So, yes, if you’re a first-timer, or know someone who is, cbdMD totally is for them. It has a specialized “find your product” feature.

So, if you aren’t sure which CBD product is the best for you, just answer a few questions. (Very basic questions, like age & purpose of using CBD, it takes less than a minute.)

Once you do, cbdMD instantly suggests a product which it thinks is the best for you!

Now, this may not be the perfect choice for you. But, it’s definitely much better than you spending hours trying to find your product, or picking the wrong product.

Not just that, we loved cbdMD’s all-round coverage of the other aspects of the product. Meaning, on the order page, you can see “directions for use”, warning or side-effects that it may cause, and the primary benefits associated with the product.

In a nutshell, even without a degree on CBD, you make pretty educated choices.

What is the refund/moneyback policy on cbdMD?

60 days! That’s 2 months! And, they offer a full-refund. Well, yes. If you aren’t satisfied with the products, you can return the products within a window of 60 days.

As far as our personal experience goes, that’s a pretty big window. Most other companies stick to a 30-day refund policy, cbdMD doubles that!

If nothing else, this shows the confidence the company has in its products. And, this clearly is a big “pro” for this cbdMD review, isn’t it?

How to get cbdMD discount codes?

CbdMD seems to be a company with gratitude. So, it offers discounts for:

      • Military personnel
      • People with disabilities.

cbdMD offers a 30% discount for military personnel. The discount is applicable both for retired, as well as active personnel. There’s no maximum limit either. An even higher discount of 40% is offered for all those with disabilities!

Not considering capitalism or “business”, this surely is the best moment or “feature” on this entire cbdMD review, isn’t it?

You can avail the discount (if you qualify) by manually contacting their support team.

What are cbdMD shipping policies?

cbdMD offers free shipping on subtotal orders worth $79.95+. On orders less than this, a $4.95/order shipping fee is levied.

The company ships to all 50 U.S states, and even military bases.

Unfortunately, cbdMD doesn’t ship internationally. So, if you’d like your CBD delivered elsewhere, just check any of our other CBD reviews.

The orders are shipped the same day and that lets cbdMD offer impressive delivery-times.

cbdMD review- Final verdict

So, is cbdMD the best CBD brand on the planet? Probably not. We aren’t sure because we haven’t tried all the brands on planet earth.

However, cbdMD sure doesn’t leave much for debate. It offers a very transparent policy when it comes to its tests, or source. It has also won multiple awards, and has multiple certifications to its name.

There’s an impressive 60-day moneyback guarantee making sure you’ve enough time to test the products out.

And, the website is designed so that first-timers, as well as very experienced CBD users can order CBD with ease.

All in all? It’s definitely one of the, if not “the” best CBD manufacturer on the planet. Let’s rate it a 4.5/5 for this cbdMD review and leave it at that.