Does CBD make you sleepy? Can you willingly use CBD for better sleep? Will CBD make you tired? Those are just some of the questions getting answered in this piece.

Now, CBD is skyrocketing in popularity primarily because it seems to be able to cure “almost everything”. And, surprisingly with no or very little side effects.

Some of you may wish to use CBD for better sleep. Or, maybe you’re confused/scared that it’ll make you sleepy even when you don’t want it to?

Long story short, it can yield promising results for both the types of users. We’ll explain this in detail by answering the following questions throughout this piece:

  • What is CBD?
  • How does CBD affect sleep?
  • Does CBD make you sleepy?
  • What factors matter when it comes to CBD and sleep?
  • Will CBD help me sleep?
  • Are there any side effects to using CBD?

And hey, no medical expertise required. We’ve used the simplest of terms and sentences to make sure you get the concept right.

So, does CBD make you sleepy? Let’s discuss in detail.

What is CBD?

Now, I get it, I’m sure you know what CBD is. But,  just for the sake of it, let me begin with an introduction of what CBD actually is?

Now, CBD is a close cousin to Marijuana. This is the primary reason why people think CBD may make them sleepy. Fortunately, it doesn’t. But, we’ll discuss more of that later.

For now, know that CBD stands for Cannabidiol. In fact, it’s only one of the 100+ cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant. THC, the other cannabinoid found in Cannabis plant is actually the drug that “makes people high”, not CBD.

So, let’s start with the fact that CBD and Marijuana aren’t the same thing. CBD doesn’t make you “high”. And hence, let’s not assume that CBD makes you sleepy, it doesn’t.

Also, note that CBD and CBD oil aren’t exactly the same thing. Well, does CBD oil make you sleepy then? No. And, we’ll explain this as well.

CBD is largely legal and you don’t even need a medical prescription to purchase some. You can get in-depth details on what CBD exactly is in our CBD guide.

With that been said, it’s also worth mentioning that one of the primary reasons why CBD is used is to “enhance sleep” or “cure insomnia”. (Wait! Doesn’t that mean CBD will make you sleepy? No. it doesn’t).

For now, let’s just say “CBD sleep aid” is a very common use-case scenario for CBD, but, it’s not just as simple as that.

How does CBD affect sleep?

Does CBD make you sleepy? No. CBD doesn’t make you sleepy, but, it certainly affects sleep. How so? Well, it’s a bit complicated but I’ll try and make this simpler to understand.

CBD influences the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)  in our brain. Primarily, the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

I say “influences” for a reason. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t directly activate either of these two receptors. Rather, it mostly acts as a catalyst, increasing the receptors ability to bind to cannabinoids in our body.

The CBD primarily interacts with CB2 connectors in our brain but also to some extent with the CB1 connectors.

Now, the CB2 connectors are responsible for controlling anxiety, asthma, allergies, digestive issues etc.  As for the CB1 receptors, these receptors control your mood, memory, pain etc.

I’m sure you’re getting the hint now. Well, yes. Because CBD can influence (and decrease) your pain, uneasiness, inflammation and overall mood in general, it can help you sleep better.

Because, these are exactly the reasons why you’re tossing and turning in your bed unable to sleep, right?

But, on the contrary, just because your pain is gone, or you’re feeling calmer and better, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re feeling sleepy, right? This is why we said that CBD affects sleep but doesn’t always make you sleepy.

Does CBD make you sleepy?

Most of the section above dealt with CBD’s interactions with the brain. But, let’s get you some less complicated, easier to understand answers.

No, CBD doesn’t make you sleepy. According to a study, CBD actually helps decrease sleep and increase alertness.  Well yes, this study was conducted on rats. If that increases your doubts or ability to trust it, I’ve got better news for you.

15mg CBD when administered to young adults has further proved its ability to increase alertness, in humans.


On a simpler note, when CBD is centrally administered to the hypothalamus it leads to dopamine enhancement. This too results in feeling “less sleepy”.

Do note that a number of factors matter when it comes to CBD’s effect on sleep. This includes the administration mode, your own biological composition and most importantly, the dosage.

Quite a few studies suggest that CBD actually helps reduce the affects of THC. And THC as we know causes the “high” which is basically a state of sedation and intoxication.

This further supports the claim that CBD doesn’t make you sleepy and rather helps you counter sleep.

However, in the same study cited above, it also has been mentioned that  really high dosage of CBD is required for this anti-THC affect to take place.

It was also found that CBD helps with sleep disorders as well as feeling sleepy during the daytime. Hence, if you’ve ever asked “will CBD make me sleepy during daytime?”, no, it won’t. If anything, it’ll cure it.

All in all, in one sentence, it’s pretty safe to assume that CBD doesn’t make you sleepy or tired. However, research on “CBD affect on sleep” still is just beginning. Hence, it’ll take a few more years, many hundred more studies and experiences before we can be sure of CBD’s impact on sleep and the human body in general.

What factors matter when it comes to CBD and sleep?

We just established that CBD totally helps promote better sleep and/or cure insomnia. But, it also has been mentioned that it increases alertness and reduces sleepiness.  These are two completely contrasting statements, yet true.

The prime driving factor here is the “dosage”. If the dosage is low, it’ll increase your alertness and prevent sleepiness. However, when taken in high quantity, CBD may indeed cause sleepiness.

Furthermore, each individual has a different body chemistry than the other (for the most part.) Hence, it also depends on how CBD interacts with you personally.

When CBD binds with 5-HT1a receptors, it blocks the elements which cause anxiety (among other things.) In this case too you may feel calmer and in some cases sleepy.

The “time of ingestion/administration” also matters. When taken during the day, and in lower quantity, it makes you alert. However, a higher dosage administered at night will promote sleep and cure insomnia .

And finally, the type/form of CBD also has a say in its control over your sleepiness. So, your results will vary depending on how your body received the CBD. Was it injected? Did you vape it? Placed it under your tongue? Drank as tea? Applied as a lotion?  (The lotion/cream generally has no affect on your sleep though.)

Probably this is why CBD is called the magic drug and is topping all trends and charts. It’s not something which has a specific effect and specific use. Rather, it’s almost like an A.I- drug which can offer anything you need, depending on the programmed settings (e.g. dosage, time of intake, form  etc.)

Will CBD help me sleep?

CBD “making you sleep” and you “using CBD to fall asleep” are two different scenarios.

In the first case, the question  is of CBD forcefully inducing sleep-triggers without your permission. Which we’ve established doesn’t happen unless you take high amounts of CBD. In other latter case, you can consciously and willingly choose to use CBD to sleep better.

In other words, you can make CBD help you sleep better given that you know the right CBD dosage for sleep.

So, what’s the right dosage? Well, again, it depends on your individual body chemistry. This is why it’s always suggested to start CBD with low dosage and gradually increase it.

So, you can take CBD at night, at a higher dosage than your normal and preferably in your tea, or as a capsule or tablet. This will (supposedly) help decrease your anxiety, pain, depression, alleviate your mood and help you sleep better.

Are there any side effects to using CBD?

Again, because CBD is, well, CBD, its side effects too depend on many different factors. Mostly, there are none for most people. But, there always are exceptions.

These exceptions again primarily depend on the dosage and mode of administration among other factors. The most common CBD effects are:

  • Sleepiness and drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Lesser appetite
  • Dryness in the mouth etc.
  • Low blood pressure which also may make you feel light-headed.

We believe in trustworthy sources. I’m sure you do too? You can peek at this FDA article to get a longer list of CBD side effects.

Do note that CBD still is an unexplored arena. Hence, you must always be a bit cautious and calculated while taking CBD.


Yes, and no. CBD “can” make you sleepy if you want it to. But, normally and generally, CBD wouldn’t make you sleepy.

As mentioned multiple times above, CBD’s effect on sleep depends on multiple factors.  Fortunately, most can be controlled by the user,

Hence, CBD can be used for better sleep but it’s not an effect that’ll be generated in the everyday CBD use scenario.

Also, it’s important to know how to choose CBD oils in order to receive the desired outcome.

In one sentence, to answer your question –“Does CBD make you sleepy, we can say that no, CBD doesn’t make you sleepy. But hey, a lot of research and study still needs to be conducted in the field for concrete evidence on the topic.