How to buy CBD oils online? That’s exactly what you’ll learn today (in around 5 minutes, exact steps and checks needed to purchase CBD online!)

If you’ve searched for CBD buying guide online, you’ve probably been disappointed. Most guides on how to buy CBD online just share “information on CBD”.

Now, you aren’t here because you wish to learn what is CBD, how to choose CBD oils, its benefits or any of that other basic stuff, right?

We believe you already have that information at hand, what you do need are the “steps” or the procedure to buy CBD oil online.  If that’s the case, we promise your time wouldn’t be wasted.

How to buy CBD oils online?

So, the basic process of buying CBD online is the same like buying anything else online.

  • Step 1-> Find a website selling CBD oil online.
  • Step 2-> Find exactly the product you need.
  • Step 3-> Ascertain its legitimacy/quality.
  • Step 4 -> Place the order/pay for it.

Despite sounding simple, unfortunately, it isn’t quite so. Well, it’s no rocket science either.

For the first step, here are the best CBD oil sources online. As for the second step, you need to know what you actually need. Sounds vague?

Well, we did a very detailed guide on choosing the best CBD oils. It will help you pick the CBD oil best suited for you, depending on your requirements, problem and individual physical traits (yeah, those matter as well.)

And finally, for step 3, that’s what most of this CBD buying guide is about. How exactly do you ascertain that a displayed product is actually legitimate and won’t harm you? Worry not, we’ve got you covered.

So, here are the things to do when buying CBD online.

If you go through this piece in detail, you’ll learn how to buy CBD oils online and evaluate the points mentioned above.

1. Choosing the right online retailers

Let’s keep this simple. First off, never purchase CBD oil or related products from Amazon, eBay and other e-commerce websites.

These websites are not CBD specialists. More importantly, e-commerce websites like these do not allow the sale of CBD.  Hence, most products listed there may not actually be what they claim to be.

But, companies and sellers do find loopholes around such policies. However, such products can’t be trusted.

The Washington Post purchased 13 CBD items on Amazon, out of which only 11 contained CBD. And one of those even contained THC.

Rather, go with online retailers who specialize in CBD or sell CBD exclusively. Need a list? Scroll up and you’ll find the link to the best CBD sources online. Or, if you’re in a hurry, you can check:

2. Check THC content

This probably is the most important and first check you should do when you find a CBD product online.

The product you found must contain <0.3% THC. Anything which contains more than this will be an illegal product. “No THC” products too are common, however, they may have slightly reduced effects. (THC + CBD has its own advantages.)

Do note that +0.3% THC is also legal in all the states where Marijuana is legal. Hence, it’s not an immediate deal-breaker but you must be aware of your local laws before buying these.

You’ll almost always find the THC content clearly mentioned on the item. When not, either contact the website/seller, or just look for other alternatives.

Point is, never buy a CBD product online without being sure of its THC levels.

3. Check online reviews

This should be a major part of your online CBD buying process. As soon as you find a website/product, go search for the product online.

TrustPilot is a good source for checking a product/website’s legitimacy. Real users leave their feedback on such sites.

Or, you can check individual review articles on websites like ours. We do frequent reviews of CBD products to get you a transparent and unbiased review.

However, always be sure to not let this be a “driving factor”. Reviews are often fake, bought, or sponsored. Companies spend millions (literally) on fake reviews.

Hence, take this under “consideration” rather than letting these reviews influence you.

4. Look for third-party & independent lab results

This probably is one of the biggest and most important checks you can do before finalizing your CBD purchase.

Most trustworthy and quality CBD sellers would provide lab results for their products. You’ll find options/tabs/links which say “labsheets”, “lab tests”, “lab results” and so on. Just look around the website or the product-page till you find the lab result link.

Generally, this is what an independent lab test for CBD looks like:

This report will tell you exactly what the product  contains, and in what ratio. It’s important because companies often mislabel their contents.

According to this FDA report, CBD content, THC levels and the presence of other elements is often not properly disclosed.

Now, just the “availability” of a report doesn’t mean the product is reliable. Check if the CBD content mentioned on the product-label/page matches with the CBD reflected on the report.

Also, make sure the report you get is no more than 3 years old. Reports older than that aren’t reliable or completely true for the product anymore.

If the results aren’t available, try contacting the website manually. If the company refuses to provide results, do not buy CBD from them, as simple as that.

5. Check the harvest source

It’s not a major factor, however, this can help you obtain the highest quality CBD online. The physical “source” of your CBD matters. By that, we mean the “location of the fields” it was harvested from.

Now, U.S laws are generally the strictest when it comes to hemp farming. This is why it’s best to get CBD sourced from the U.S.

Sure, the product from other countries is great as well However, it just is easier for it to have a beyond-legal amount of THC. Or, they may just be of lower quality than the U.S-grown CBD.

Hence, when buying CBD online, you should try and locate the source information. It’s often displayed publicly and can be found easily.

(Image source:

6. Choose non-GMO CBD oil

Often on CBD oil listings online, you’ll see them mention “non-GMO”. Now, because you’re trying to learn how to buy CBD oils online, it’s best if we explain this, right?

So, GMO stands for “Genetically Modified Organisms”. In a language you and me understand, these are just crops which have been subjected to more herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals.

It’s not something you must look for. However, if and when mentioned, it’s an added indicator that the product may be worth further research.

7. Full spectrum vs. Broad spectrum vs. Isolate CBD

These are the three types of CBD oils available. If you know what these are, great! If you don’t, check our detailed guide on CBD.

If I’ve to be brief, Full spectrum is for those who need the maximum benefit from CBD. Broad spectrum is for those who only need CBD without any THC whatsoever. And, Isolate is for those who need the purest CBD with the least bit of other components.

The information is often readily shared on product-pages.

8. Check the extraction method

Again, it’s one of those things which isn’t of massive importance, but, still is worth checking.

The extraction mode defines the purity of the output, as well as the overall quality. Now, CO2 extraction is the safest mode of extraction.

If we’re being honest and practical, you totally can skip this verification. It takes some time (often, you may need to manually contact the company and wait for a reply.) However, If you see CO2 extraction being mentioned, it’s probably a safe product.

9. Check for transparency and other available information

Finally, you’re new to buying CBD online, aren’t you? Hence, it’s best to go for websites/sellers who are transparent about the product, and offer abundant information.

E.g. this listing is from Premium Jane:

It clearly shows the dosage, total CBD, size/volume, ingredients and even recommended use.

If you’ve  gone through this how to buy CBD online guide with care, you’d now understand what most of these things mean.

So, if the product you’re looking at doesn’t show you the basic information, it’s better to look for alternatives. Not because the product is necessarily bad, but, because your online CBD shopping experience will just be easier.

10. How “not” to buy CBD oils online?

We gave you points on what you “should” do. But, you also need  to know what you should not do if you wish to learn how to buy CBD oils online the right way.

For starters, do not fall for extravagant claims. CBD oils sure seem to be miracle, but, they can’t save your nanny from a last-stage cancer, or, they won’t make your broken bone heal in the next 30 minutes.

Point being, CBD products aren’t legally allowed to make “health-benefit claims”. So, if a company is claiming something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Just read this piece if you wish to learn the benefits of CBD oil.

Secondly, you shouldn’t prioritize “money” over quality. We get it, we all wish to save money. But, in this industry, cheap often equals shady and even harmful.

If you’re really tight on a budget, go compare prices on different websites. This may help you save some money, without compromising on quality.

And finally, do not buy a CBD product because your friend or your cousin are impressed with it. CBD reacts very differently for each individual.

Hence, you may not have the exact same reaction/benefit/effect your friend/cousin/girlfriend/neighbour/teacher or anyone else had, with the exact same product.

Do you need a prescription to buy CBD oils online?

No, CBD oils or CBD products in general, which contain less than 0.3% THC do not need a prescription.

You can buy them both online, as well as offline without any prescription whatsoever. However, it can’t hurt to consult your doctor/physician  before buying CBD oils online.

Will CBD oils get you high?

No. CBD doesn’t get people high. THC is what’s responsible for the “high” effect. Because it’s in very low quantities, or completely absent in most legal CBD, it won’t get you high.

Is CBD legal in my state/country?

Obviously, the most common question after you learn how to buy CBD oils online is its legality, isn’t it?

Yes, CBD is legal throughout the U.S as long as it contains <0.3% THC. However, the laws may differ for other countries.

A simple Google search saying- “Is CBD legal in [country]” will get you the answer you seek.

Final words:

As is probably clear to you by now, the “buying” process for CBD doesn’t differ much from any other E-commerce experience.

However, the research is what needs to be learnt. Without proper research, you may end up with an illegal, less-effective, not-tested CBD oil.

Sure, there’s a lot more you can check before you place your orders. But, the above mentioned checks are generally more than enough to get you the right products.

So, that’s how you buy CBD oils online. We hope this piece helped. If it did, do share it. It may save your friends a lot of trouble.